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Hi there! I’m Dimitris.

I’m a software engineer with a diverse technical background. This is my personal blog which I intend to use both as a showcase of my work experience and as a means by which I can express myself, writing for anything I consider interesting or important.

Soft Skills

Since I believe that character and personality are at least as important as the technical skills, I think it would be more appropriate if I would start from there…

  • I love to explore and understand the big picture before digging into the details.
  • I love the details too, because they make things work and offer the satisfaction of accomplishment.
  • Putting the pieces together is one of my most enjoyable experiences.
  • I embrace the difficulties of becoming a specialized generalist. I have suffered in this path.
  • I admire the elegance of simplicity, but sometimes it annoyingly escapes me.
  • Achieving and maintaining a state of high focus and alertness while working, is extremely fulfilling for me. I try to be there for a few hours every day.
  • I know I’m not exceptionally smart and I try to counterbalance this with methodical approaches and persistence.
  • I have built through the years mental world models of decent quality, which I continuously enhance.
  • I’m a restless and risk tolerant soul.
  • I’m rarely not passionate with something, and when I’m passionate, I’m hooked.
  • Sometimes I’m an extrovert, most times I’m an introvert.
  • I communicate better asynchronously.
  • “Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply”. I find this motto particularly important.
  • I tend to treat people with kindness and respect.
  • I like to think of myself as a reliable kind person with integrity.
  • I try to be at best shape every day. I don’t always succeed.
  • I now know the importance of good sleep, healthy diet, exercise and meaningful relations.
  • I have spent a lot of time and energy on things that didn’t matter. I now understand the difference between being busy and being productive.
  • I also understand the importance for me, of doing meaningful work that positively impacts people’s lives.
  • As I evolve, the limits of my potential become more obvious to me. I’m accepting them, becoming more realist and humble along the way, trying to embrace delegation and leverage.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but is representative and genuine nonetheless.

Hard Skills

On to the technical stuff…

In a nutshell my experience includes 5 years of studies, 5,5 years in technical support on engineering analysis software, 4 years as a full stack web developer and founder, 1,5 years freely exploring blockchains, finance and deep learning, while from summer 2022 I’m full steam ahead on software engineering.

I have a mechanical engineering degree from a top tier Greek university, and I started my career as a support engineer in one of the most successful software development companies in the field of engineering analysis software. It was not purely a developer role, but I loved programming, and I was learning web development on the side. A few years later I left the company to create a web application and even though it wasn’t financially successful, I gained valuable software development experience as I architected, designed, and developed the whole system from scratch. I dedicated the period that followed to explore the fields of blockchain initially, and deep learning lately. Currently, I focus my attention back to software engineering and web development. My expertise lies in the python and javascript ecosystems.

  • I now know the significance of designing a good distributed architecture from the start, with scalability in mind, implementing microservices with testing, observability and continuous delivery.
  • I have a good understanding of the software development life cycle since I have built things from scratch.
  • I greatly appreciate good documentation and small commits.
  • I understand big O notation, data structures and algorithms.
  • I wish I had become familiar with design patterns much earlier in my life.
  • I’m comfortable working with python, django, django-rest-framework, fastAPI, numpy, pandas, javascript, react, redux, postgresql, redis, rabbitmq, linux, containers, docker, git, AWS, Heroku, serverless.

Thanks for coming by.

Have a nice day!